Welcome to the SHOW ⭑

‘It seems like social media has become Art’s All Consuming Muse, inspiring and encouraging artists to constantly create all kinds of trendy content + clickbait to win over an app’s affection. 

But I don’t want to make art for insta-bae.

I want to make art for people.’

For this next series, I’ll be sitting down with some of my most inspiring muses (one from each discipline) and talking about what makes something ‘art’ and what makes it ‘content.’

And whether or not there is a place for art on the internet after all.

We’ll be looking at some of the greatest OG ‘influencers’ of the 21st century, and unpacking their ‘content.’

And by that,  I mean taking a deep dive into some of my favourite artists and their most well-known artworks.

Enjoy the show!

BG x